Character Interactions

One of the best parts of going to Disney World is getting to meet your favorite on-screen characters in real life. Character interactions offer great opportunities for autographs and photographs for the whole family. There are so many opportunities to see characters in various places and at different times. Before going out in search of all your favorite characters, here are a couple tips to consider before-hand.

There are two different types of characters you will encounter at Disney World: “fur” characters and “face” characters. Face characters are the ones who have nothing covering their face all such as princesses, princes, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, etc. These characters speak aloud and can carry on a conversation during a meet and greet. Fur characters are the ones with the mascot like fake heads over their faces and include all the Mickey Mouse and Jungle Book characters, and some human characters like Lilo, Buzz Lightyear, and all the Incredibles. These characters cannot and do not talk at any meet and greet.

There are three different ways to meet characters at Disney World. Sometimes, characters just show up in the park and interact with any passerby who wants to meet them. Another way is going to a scheduled meet and greet at one of the parks. These lines can often get long so it would be best to get a fastpass or show up early. The last way is to attend a character meal. This is where you go in to a sit-down meal and as you eat, characters walk by and interact with the family, take pictures, and sign autographs. Often, character meals include multiple different characters from the same show or in the same category. For instance, you can do a character meal with the cast of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or with all, or some, of the Disney Princesses.

All in all, a character interaction at Disney World is sure to be memorable. No matter what the setting of your meet and greet or if the character is able to speak, Disney always goes above and beyond to make every second magical!


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