DCP Application process

As previously explained in an earlier blog post, the Disney College Program is a great opportunity. Many students around the world apply for an internship at Disney through this program and just a select few are accepted. Today, I am going to explain, in short, what the three-step application process is, and how to go about it.

The first step is submitting an online application. This application is somewhat like any other job application with a few differences along the way. It asks for personal information, the school you attend, and past job experience. During this step, you also select all of the jobs you would be willing to work, what semester you want to work, and if you want to work through summer as well. (TIP: When selecting which jobs you want/prefer to do, the more of them you select you’re willing to do, the better your chance is of moving to the next step.)

The next step in the application process is the web-based interview. It is broken into four sections, is timed, and takes around 40 to 45 minutes to complete. The first section will be multiple choice and the last three are rating question, which you rank your answer from strongly agree, somewhat agree, neutral, somewhat disagree, to disagree. A lot of the questions will sound repetitive, but this is just so that Disney knows you are sure of yourself, so they can be sure of you! (TIP: When answering the rate questions, it is best to stick with strongly disagree or agree and stay away from neutral or somewhat answers.)

The final step is a phone interview in which someone from the DCP team will call you and ask you things about your application, web-based interview, and scenario questions about what you would do if you worked for Disney. This interview is typically around 30 to 45 minutes long depending on if you have questions and how many questions your interviewer asks. (TIP: Do your interview in front a mirror to be sure you’re smiling and write down your interviewer’s name and use it!)

This concludes the application process and from there, you will either be accepted or politely turned down. This interview process will take place over multiple weeks and your application can be denied after any of each of the steps. But this process is well worth it if you ever want to be a part of the Disney College Program


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