The Disney College Program

The college years are said to hold some of the best and happiest times of your life. Road trips with friends, late night food runs, and complete freedom from parents are just the tip of the iceberg. But what if I told you that you could spend the happiest time of your life, in the happiest place on Earth? Well with the Disney College Program, you can! This extraordinary program is a paid-internship that allows you to live and work in Disney World while still getting a college education!

During the program, participants are expected to work full time, including weekends, nights and holidays, while also taking college courses. Disney provides onsite housing for all program participants as well as transportation, if needed. Although most students take their courses online through their own university, some take courses from local community colleges in Florida or even from Disney!

The roles that are available for college interns are almost unending! Jobs range from janitorial and food service jobs to being a character attendant or character performer! For character performer roles, an audition is required and certain criteria must be met. All role descriptions can be found on the Disney College Program website.

The Disney Program is an incredible opportunity to expand your skills and gain great experience in customer service and crowd management. Who wouldn’t want to spend their happiest years in the happiest place on Earth?


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